RBTUS was established by California-based Santa Maria Shipping & Trading Inc. Stas Margaronis, president of the start-up company, is working to build coastal freighters in the United States to take long-haul trucks off coastal highway corridors such as I-95 on the Atlantic Coast and I-5 on the Pacific Coast. New ships can also replace older U.S.gas-guzzling vessels serving Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. The ships are designed to reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and save shippers money. The coastal ships would be powered by clean diesel fuel and potentially wind power or batteries. Margaronis believes that new, green economic development including – new ships, wind farms, high speed trains,new transmission lines, solar installation- needs a nation-wide support system to create millions of new jobs.

Thus, we need game-changers in:


Get to know Stas Margaronis: Program Director for RBTUS, and hear his story of how he came about the plan to put millions of Americans back to work.