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By Stas Margaronis

Port Tech Los Angeles was started two and a half  years ago and is a project of the Port of Los Angeles and the City of Los Angeles Clean Tech program. It is working to develop a $50 million fund to develop clean technologies for port applications and improved transportation systems.

PTLA does not currently fund its nine clients but it has worked with them to write their business plans, make presentations at PTLA forums and put them in contact with other clean energy program such as the Technology Advancement Program a joint venture of the LA/LB ports that focuses improved air quality… They also work with the Business Technology Center in Altadena, California,

Jeff  Milanette, the executive director says Port Tech is moving ahead with an ambitious program to promote next generation technologies.

PTLA clients and partners include:

Transpower that is developing a new generation battery that can power Class A trucks on long-haul routes

Linear Synchronous Motors, the company is developing magnetic levitation technology to move containers along a rail line from the ports to distribution centers

Algae Photosysnthesis This processes algae to filter out pollutants from waste water at the port and recycle it as gray water. It is also being tested at a Modesto diary where it is used in a cesspool that generates methane gas as a fuel. This is close to commercial development.

Thermal Electric Generation Technology places a wafer near the outer shell of an ocean going vessel and the warmer interior of the engine room and creates an electrical current. It has been successfully tested on a research vessel at Maine Maritime Academy and the developer is looking for a large vessel.

Oil Filtration Technology. This reduces the frequency of oil changes and improves fuel economy. It has been tested on a tractor pulling containers in the harbor and was tested on a Russian research vessel

For more information, see:  www.PortTechLA.org



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