Save M-580 Campaign Heats Up

Posted on: July 15th, 2014 by Stas

Save M-580 Campaign Heats Up

 By Stas Margaronis,

A Port of Stockton spokesman said the year old M-580 tug barge service between the Ports of Oakland and Stockton could be discontinued unless a new operator takes over the service.

The spokesman said that a decision on discontinuing the weekly service is imminent.

However, a group of Stockton area shippers and truckers is building support for the service among elected officials, importers and exporters.

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Mike Bowden, president of Rim Logistics, says he is hopeful that Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), one of the largest ocean carriers, will take over the service from the Port of Stockton.

Bowden said MSC “has not been given a “Clear Path”  from  either Oakland or Stockton about what conditions they require for MSC to operate the service and link up to the Ports America Terminal in Oakland  where MSC has a major investment.

Bowden is hoping that discussions between the two ports and MSC will allow change this and allow  MSC to move ahead with the M-580 investment.

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 Joe Antonini, president of Antonini Enterprises LLC,  based in  Stockton ,  says the M-580 tug/barge service allows truckers and shippers to do more pick ups and deliveries of containerized truckloads at the Port of Stockton. This is preferable to making fewer pick-ups and deliveries 75 miles away at the Port of Oakland.

Today, Antonini says, it is not unusual to see delays picking up containers at the Port of Oakland of as much as five hours. The result is that truckers that used to make two round trip trips between Oakland and Stockton per day are now reduced to one turnaround per day.



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